Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Embed Video: Angela Davis

Students commented on how neat it was to find videos in several of the blogs by women of color that they visited. They wondered if they could embed videos in their own blogs. Since most of them blog at blogspot.com, so we did a demo in class using the YouTube video you see below. Titled "Tribute to Angela Davis," the video provides basic info about her life in a graphically pleasing manner.

  1. After typing something about the video in your Compose window, hit Enter 4 times and move your cursor so it is on the 2nd empty line (you want to leave room afterwards for more typing).
  2. Click the "Edit Html" button at top right of Blogger's compose window. Open the YouTube video you want in a separate window.
  3. Click on the Embed code to highlight it, then righ-click and choose Copy.
  4. Return to your post in Blogger and click Paste.
  5. Click Preview and/or Publish and you should see your video.
Note can use a very similar process for slide shows at Zoho Show, videos on Blip.TV, or Voicethreads.

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