Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Women Blogging - Why? How?

For the assignment on digital divide / digital diversity, one student chose to find articles about women's use of the Internet and located very informative piece by Maura Welch about women bloggers. Although written in 2006, this article in the Boston Globe is still relevant today. A good variety of women bloggers are discussed - ranging from the founders of Blogher (a platform for many women bloggers) to 80 year young Millie Garfield (who blogs at The Ageless Project) to Tish Gier (a full time blogger on several topics) to Beth Kanter (well-known blogger on nonprofits and technology).

The article "Women Tap the Power of the Blog" is well worth reading for it's insights into how these women got started blogging, why they keep blogging, and how their blogging has sometimes led to earned income.

Steve Garfield has kindly posted the links to all the blogs discussed in Welch's article.